What do you need it for?

Hotel and Vacation Rentals

For hotels, motels, hostels, B&Bs, lodges & guest houses

Rental Reservation

For Real estate,Electronics,Clothing, car, boat, motobike ...

Work Services

For babysitting, gardening, cleaning ...

Scheduling Online

For hospital, clinic, spa, studio ...

Sell Tickets Online

Sell sports, concert, theater or other event tickets .

Sell Travel Tours

Sell Travel and Tour Packages Online

Restaurant Booking

Accept restaurant reservations and table bookings online

Main Features

For The Site Owners

  • Dynamic Booking product creation for Booking and reservation.
  • Dynamic time settings like create multiple time slots and also set the time span of the slots.
  • Dynamic settings price, promo price, number of items available for each day and hour.
  • Flexible "exclude days" when you store is closed like on holidays, weekends, or other times.
  • Able to add address in google maps for each product.
  • Able to add discount, addons & sells for each product.
  • import Booking Price from CSV

For The Deverloper

For Your Customers

  • The customer can add Booking product like Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking.
  • Uses AJAX for quick calendar loading and navigation as well as to show the price immediately at frontend when a customer has changed it.
  • Powerful search page with ajax filtering with all multiselect attributes and sorting by price, star rating.
  • Able custom page for searching spaces based on google maps.
  • The customer can See booking/ reservation details in the order
  • User-friendly interface will allow customers to easily navigate through your website.

From Magento platform

Magento Commerce erases the boundaries of what is possible, giving you the power to create bold and unique shopping experiences that will transform your business.

  • Support for Multiple Languages & Currencies
  • Easy manage Manage products, orders, mails, reviews ...
  • Integrated Payment Gateway


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